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My Site App for android only.

How to install 

Download, Grab App from link below instructions
Click install. 

If saving to install later 
Look in downloads folder 
For com.paigestormblade.apk 
If settings are set this will install with the installer app. Or will flash you to…

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Paige 2003

Time to go practice studio takes Podcast

this has been a load of bad takes... this was the best so far that we got tonight. More work to do on this but its coming along fine, i have had to re sing to the new music style…Read more
Paige 2003

Interviewed Questions

Questions asked 

Q:Will you as new group still cover what you have as you have for the years accepted to do so 

far as Brass Kitten content or Mad Atchu? 

A: Yes far as Brass Kitten goes…

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The reaper he fly's oh so near, I rise from my bed  
I wipe the tears from my eyes, I can feel the pain 
oh it hurts deep inside 
I've already said prayers to my self 
I stand my self…

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