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Concert 002

The Beginning and The Second Coming and Coming Out details to albums

The Beginning and The Second Coming and Coming Out details to albums 

ok so the album labels done only 6 of each album is being done for giveaways. I designed them my self. 

ok be honest people ffs all i'm asking for is likes if it's good or commit to make changes oie... these are for giveaways not sale just saying, how ever though I do have right to sale whats on it but for now i'm not selling them.  

I have had a…

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Name change and some getting to know the real me

A Change Came My Way 

Getting to know the real me: For those who knew me as a few names, as all know some females carry a males name I happen to be one of those girls, so I had my name to preferably to be called Crystal from Micheal. All was ok but I still was at an end due to a spiritual awakening., I changed my name and went with my artist name instead and also included my legal blood name and given nick name. 

I'M  KNEW LEGALLY AND OFFICIALLY as Paige "Diamond Landecker" Stormblade, Judgment and…

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been a change in the scene if you know what i mean Podcast

Sorry to inform some folks but its come to my attention that another guitar player will be replaced, some issues occurred and it was a decision i had to help make in replacing one of the guitar players, due to not following up and not being able to keep up with our arrangements of how we do things as a real band does. Seems he had never been in a band, his skills are there, it is just we have had been to many issues with him keeping on track with us when it comes to having to do covers or practices. 


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Paige 2003

Time to go practice studio takes Podcast

this has been a load of bad takes... this was the best so far that we got tonight. More work to do on this but its coming along fine, i have had to re sing to the new music style so bare if it sound bad i need to adjust from the older version to this new one.
Paige 2003

Interviewed Questions

Questions asked 

Q:Will you as new group still cover what you have as you have for the years accepted to do so 

far as Brass Kitten content or Mad Atchu? 

A: Yes far as Brass Kitten goes, Kair likes the style and has never complained about me taking part as a new secondary group to cover them, only reason I have been considered to do so is because the 4 years I was in ties to help them be pushed to get noticed around kc, and frankly they was a better local unsigned band, then what we had here in KC back…

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The reaper he fly's oh so near, I rise from my bed  
I wipe the tears from my eyes, I can feel the pain 
oh it hurts deep inside 
I've already said prayers to my self 
I stand my self up to the light  
wishing this would go away 

I wonder to my self where will I go from here 
looking out my doorway, inside I feel so alone 
I see a child from the distance he seeks for what is lost 
He approaches me and looks up to me and says  
can you feel my pain, can you see my fear 
deep inside I'm lost without you 

I drop to me…

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