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Paige 2017 JULYPaige recently has been Forming The Band "Stormblade" an idea from a past drummer JJ STEEL. Paige is still Performing solo with helpful tools, to allow her to keep in vocal exercise and keeping those vocal ranges in check.
Paige began to perform as a band called Vortex who formed 1987. She's been working on gathering a band calling it "Stormblade" Stormblade band Will do 70's 80's 90's, Rock, Metal, Hair, Glam, Classic Rock, Hard Rock cover tunes and Originals.

Paige is an all around type of Genre such as, Rock, Hair Metal, Progressive Rock and Metal, Hard Rock and Classic Rock, also has experienced as a child and growing in to her music likes Country Rock, Christian Contemp, Rock, and Metal Including Gospel.

I'm Self Managed, Self Promoted, I've had a background in music as a past family band during the 70's growing up, I have been guided by other great Musicians through connections and music.

Paige Stormblade and the group is a BMI Member..registered #550412656 officially Aug 18-2015 Performer, Publisher, Writer. Paige has been hoping  offers open up for her, but she just enjoys her own music time rather she's with a band or not she will sing anyway.






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I do a lot of 3d world events as a musician, and due to my past schooling. I do 3d developing and website developing. someone heard my track I had just got done updating and asked to do some live events from my home. it works out great, the positive side is. it keeps me in check and vocal practice daily, you never know when you might be asked to sing.

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