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About Paige Stormblade

Paige recently has been performing as a solo artist awaiting other open doors. page began to perform as a band called Vortex who formed 1987


 I ended up in Missouri in 1979 because of my parents splitting apart.  I began my music activities more so during my high school days of 1980’s.

In November 2013, I began to use 3d Virtual Metaverse Worlds, and became a liked band, after streaming my old day performances on audio with a song redone recently about the time called “Time To Go”.

A few of us put a 3d show in place and began to perform online at 3d communities such as 3rdrock and” 

Paige is German and British by birth and Blood relation to the Landeckers of England and a few other related European countries, her Fathers name before he passed is Curt Landecker. Paige was adopted as a Ralston at birth in USA and grew up in Hagerstown MD.

She is educated in pc’s, from system administrations, network administration, web design, to audio productions apart from all her musical talents in recording and singing “I’m not a grammar goddess that’s for sure”

“I’ve had my time with a few of my hometown band Kix on myspace chat, around 2003 when I was doing promotions and DJ services. I later become a band manager for a few bands based out of UK and USA Locally early 2000.” 


I Began to do my tracks on a stream of the bands I used to be a part of in 90-to early 93. I had moved to Branson MO after I left Kansas City, then hooked up with a band in Branson and we went to town working on the new styles of the bands I was in connection with. 

I have been performing as a secondary artist with Brass Kitten and Mad Atchu, due to my relationship with the bands in all. As Vortex Originally I had reformed Vortex one last time in Branson, Mo as Lead Vox. and led on to perform for many years later still some today. My last live performances started back up 2005 and ended about 2008, with the same group I had been within 1993 from Branson, Mo. 


Later I began to update tracks due to no band to team with, I did the Karaoke channel 2009 for a new version of my vocals with sting ray music’s band backtracks, it was more real with the backtracks.

” We sure can change sound as we get older Damn.” 

Occasionally I might work with other bands by collaborating. my recent song was one I wrote: “Settle The Score”. That Featured Lead Vox Jason Hiaeshutter From 19 Til Dawn Band. I sang backups, it ended up me liking how the song turned out. The composing music came from Ric DeLozier the original track name was Experiment 442. though I wrote the song. It was also a team thing between me and Jason at the time, he would arrange and help co-write it. We had talked about singing together and this was about the only time we were able to, but we plan to sing the song if he was to come to KC for a show. 


As a child to Adult:
At age five Paige was hit by a truck then bounced off a car then rolled off that car then scraped up a street, messing her face and throat up changing her appearance and voice. She passed away once on the way to the ER lived in a coma thereafter for 2 weeks. She wasn’t to live and if she was to live. She would be a vegetable the doctors said to her parents, next thing after a few years pass. It was like nothing ever happen to her brain impact. 


Paige has been through hell, but she still goes on after knowing that she was a miracle that lived. Growing up through the shots of steroids and the many years of relearning to adapt to life. She looks at this way she says: “If people want to doubt someone’s nature or looks, it’s only because they wished they could be like me" 

I carry on and let all the past go somes time it hauts me but i move on to the next journey to the hell I remain in. The abuse and torture I have lived with as a child on top of all that mess, the many injuries to head and body. it didn’t bring me to my knees. I got up and kept walking and I kept going and going fighting back. That is what we do who have suffered a great deal of hardship by adoptions and the abuse, with the psychological trauma that follows behind it. Paige Suffers PTSD from her life, she enjoys singing to put all that behind. 


More to add:
Does Vortex exist in Real life right now? Yes and No.
Explanation: to why yes and no, after a tempt to form in 1987 4 members began a dream.
Paige the only remaining member of the original Vortex that still performs using backtracks now and living in a very small apt for disabled people, this makes it hard to carry out a full band.

This put Vortex of KC on a setback.
Paige took the name and moved to pursue a dream she had always dreamed of doing as her self to make new waves in Branson MO. around 1992-to 95.

Paige Coming from a musical background of a family country band because of her mother from adoption, would lead as a frontwoman with a band called the Road Masters and perform at such venues like VFW or other venues Hagerstown, MD would offer. 

Who are the members now? Paige “Crystal” pretty much the only remaining member who promised her friend Scott Clark before his passing, that she would carry out and hold the name they created before anyone else ever thought of the name then.

Did Vortex exist in the past? Yes, it did, however, we weren’t a major label.
Who were the members then
Crystal AKA Paige lead vox,
Scott- lead guitar, rhythm.
Harry- rhythm, lead guitar.

Is vortex Alive now and if so who are the members?
Just Paige now but with Scott, he became very sick and had passed on due to a diabetic death early 90’s, Scott and Paige were very close friends, they were the two who came up with the name and idea. Scott was a Pink Floyd, led zeppelin fan he would also sing lead as well apart from playing lead guitar. 


One of her most tops loved bands is FireHouse far as a major band, apart from the ones she had ties to for a few years. she would encounter friendship to few members of Firehouse not like buddy-buddy more like a band only friends.1991 when her band Mad Atchu who she was a part of then along with Brass Kitten, due to both being managed under the same manger, would open for FireHouse In Kansas City at the Lonestar in Westport KC area.

She was later able to encounter an email convo back and forth with CJ Snare the lead Vox of FireHouse her idol. over some convo we can’t express just know Paige was so delighted and happy she was able to talk to him by personal emails. it kept her going and kept being inspired not to give based on some of the conversations that she expressed.

“Funny thing is I was scouting bands to make websites for because I, like Kair of Brass Kitten I took education farther and got back into computers. I so wanted to do CJ Snare’s personal site, it had not been touched. I happen to get an answer from CJ oh after about my 4th email to him, we would talk by email and text each on our phones, thanksgiving 2013, I was depressed, so I was like hmm after CJ answered an email on that day, we shared a holiday for the first time “I liked that” I was able to talk but I still want my meet again he’s the only one I never got a personal photo in 91 during that show” 


Major Artist Connections: CJ Snare is Paige’s first idol and vocal training when she would do the singalong thing, she would mimic CJ to a T as a way to fit her husky vocals, but still keeping that soft sound with much push of highs.

Paige and Steve Whiteman, would have conversations about their hometown in MD where they would have gone to the same schools, Paige never schooled with Steve of KIX only 2 of the younger members. 


Paige was not giving up so she added on to help Bill Leverty of FireHouse, promote his solo albums on her last knew online radio Streamerz Radio and The Celtic Hub Radio who she became co-owner of.

Paige has managed other local bands and a few UK bands. Paige has had many major connections during her touring days, with other bands of the majors she soon becomes apart of a pro outfit and was fitting in still carrying vortex with her.

Paige talks to Bill Leverty of FireHouse today off and on when they have the time for each other’s convo, Paige has also help CJ Snare And Chris Green in 2011-2012 with their new project at that time Rubicon Cross. Paige being a music guru to FireHouse. Paige would help Chris and CJ post bio information on

“Do know there is not a lot of communications with all members of bands I may speak to due to much of the touring and their personal lives, sometimes we tag one another and by chance get replies.”

Today Paige has worked alone, doing her own songs off and on and getting composers help, so that she can perform music due to the limitations of a band connection. She has worked with a few artists collaborating within a label who discovered her talents called EMR Records and Management out of St. Louis MO. and her own label Creative Minds Join Knew as CMJ Productions originally started in 1999.

The amazement of Paige’s talents: Paige uses her voice in a lot of ways. people have doubted her talent for years till they really hear her sing in front of them along to the songs she has performed. 


“People have said oh that doesn’t sound like you” Paige expresses, I’m like well, you should hear Bill Leverty talk and then hear his many vocal changes in his music, you would think the same of that too. I grew up solitary confined to my room due to abusive parents, so being able to make noise with my vocals was something I only had left for entertainment.”

Paige practices like the bands she used to be with did, by using the singalong method. Paige uses her voice the best she can now due to age and the smoking shes had done for years after of onstage performances. 


To get in touch with Paige it can vary, she’s not a chatter like she used to do online. Her life is filled with activities she tends to Ministering now and keeps clean of any drugs. We know how can a minister do rock well her music isn’t all about drugs or what many like to degrade rock metal musicians for as devil music that’s not at all how it is. her music has inspired and clean words.

There are a few songs she no longer performs that might have explicit language. She aids the bands she was in ties to, by performing the music she got hooked on from the 90’s. The process of fully putting it to rest and grow more with new was and has been a task. Paige is encouraged to keep going being approved by the ole gangs but she wants to make changes.

And she did. When Paige accepted to be called Stormblade instead of fusion at the time she was to join another new member JJ Steel, and his band, JJ ended up being the new Stormblade drummer, both Paige and JJ had agreed to make the name Stormblade in 2015. since then it has been the new name, unfortunately, JJ became sick, and this again set Paige back once again from reforming the badass group known to be the VORTEX.